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Welcome Friend, I’m glad you’re here.

This is a place of encouragement and inspiration. Loving BOLD is about making choices that will propel us forward in our lives in the arenas that matter most; faith, family, health, relationships, and finances.

Loving BOLD is a mindset and a conscious lifestyle which defies boundaries.

Single, married, or partnered; country, city, or island dwelling; teen or golden years, our world needs bold people from all walks of life that are confident in who they are, where they’re going, and what they believe.

Boldness defines our great moments. It’s often the turning point and dividing line between what was and a new reality born from our moment in bold.

Can anyone be bold? Certainly. Will we be bold? Perhaps. Can you or I grow to love what it means to be bold and foster our ability to rise to any occasion requiring us to go forth boldly? Absolutely!

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Who am I?

These are my key areas of passion that I am dedicated to and look forward to exploring with you.  See if you can relate…


I can’t stand “religion” or the hideous and damaging things done in the name of Christianity.

HOWEVER, I deeply love the Word of God and our big brother, Jesus Christ. I thank God daily for His grace, because that’s why I’m even here today, truly.


Homeschooling mama of three boys. Wife of my best friend with whom I’ve been exploring life and loving for over 20 years.


Systemic candida caused a health crisis in my life many years ago. I overcame the insidious condition by intensive lifestyle changes, cleansing, and natural remedies. I love herbal medicine, toxic-free homes, and great healthy food.


My husband and I are both entrepreneurs, which is fun, exciting, and exhausting all at the same time. We live part of the year in Hawaii  and the rest in the Northwest.

We helped our sons start their first business at ages 5, 7, and 9. For the past two years they have raised money to pay for a their own BMX racing.

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Thank you Friend – you matter to me and I’m very glad you are here.

Walking in wellness and with gratitude,



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