Small Dreams and Big Steps

My first born son just turned eleven years old. I flashed back to his 4th birthday when we gave him a painter IMG_4860spinner for a present. Little did we know that whirling machine would be the impetus for his first business and crank out literally thousands of little squares of love that end up as greeting cards.

It all started with a Paul Frank umbrella in a shop window. He wanted it. Bad. Well, we weren’t going to pay $35.00 for a designer keiki umbrella and told him he could buy it if he earned the money himself.

Out came the paint-spinner. He made the cards and walked down the street to the trendy restaurants in our neighborhood to talk to all the pretty hostess’ who then introduced him to the bartenders and the waitresses. He got the umbrella.

Then it was a digital camera. Done.

Brothers got involved too, but that’s a different story. Bader Boys on Etsy 

Cheers to dreams, small beginnings & hard work paying off!

zane 1st spin art012

One of the first spins by Zane, age 4.

modern spin art

Recent spin

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