Hey you SINNER, knock it off – you’re embarrassing me!

An open letter to all bible-bashing, finger-pointing, accusation-flinging, “so-called” Christians.

When Christians choose to focus primarily on sin and continually call themselves and everyone else around them “sinner” they are walking in pride.

Before you start throwing mud my way let me explain. Pride is exalting something above God and His Word.

YES, we are ALL born into sin nature. BUT, the accomplished work of Jesus Christ puts that behind us. The whole entire point of Christianity is that we are CHANGED by accepting what Christ has done for us.

Why, oh why, do Christians insist on dragging their feet around and smothering others with condemnation by focusing on sin instead of how incredibly awesome it is that God had a plan to lift us up out of sin and darkness and to fill us with power so we might be victorious in this world as well as that which is to come.

Is your sin so big that God’s grace won’t cover it? Please. When you walk around talking about your sin are you focusing on God or yourself? Really…think about it.

Talking about others’ sin? Shame on you. Why not try talking about the healing power of deliverance instead. Oh wait, you have to live it to know it. And this is where the rip-off of pride comes to light.

Pride in Christians can be very subtle but it’s so damaging because it hampers walking in power because the bottom line is focusing on self rather than God.

Cast aside your sin and condemnation mindset. Focus on victory through Christ instead. You will blossom as you manifest God’s true power by becoming a shining light in a dark world instead of a mud-slinger misrepresenting the most wonderful opportunity in the world which is to be reconciled to God through the completed work of Jesus Christ.


Hannah Bader

Homeschooling, mompreneur enjoying the pursuit of health, wealth, and wisdom! Loving my man for 20+ years and mama to three boys who love to go fast.

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  1. Nani Kyota says:

    Love you Bader & love your blog. Ty for sharing this with me!

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