Fact of Life Boys, Girls Need Chocolate

carton_no_top_almonds_and_sea_salt_1900The closest we’ve gotten to the official “facts of life” in our home is that girls need chocolate. I got busted one time when the boys were unpacking our Vitacost order and they discovered 12 dark chocolate bars with almond and sea salt.

They were soooo excited to have stumbled upon such booty but I had to lay down the law. “No, those are mommy’s. Don’t even THINK of touching them.” “Yes, all of them.”

In disbelieving shock they struggled to understand what was happening.

Me: “Well, boys, you might as well know now. Girls need chocolate.”

Boys: “No they don’t, they need air, food, and water just like boys.”

Me: “No, God made girls and boys to be different. Girls really DO need chocolate, go ask your Daddy. He’ll tell you all about it.”

And, there, I was off the hook. So a couple of months roll by and maybe I was being a bit more terse than normal, or something, but out of the blue one of my sweet little boys looked up at me and said, “Mommy, is it your chocolate time?” Oh… and the bad thing is – IT WAS my chocolate time.

I view this as a service, planting a healthy respect and understanding of hormonal swings, in my wee men-in-training. Future women in my boys’ lives can thank me later. I don’t know a thing about the boy hormone swings that loom ahead but maybe this will come in handy as a reference point some time in the future as well.

Yesterday, in the midst of the crazy mayhem of home school, business, work, visitors, and daily chores I look at them and say, “Please, boys I need your help. There’s this, that, and the other thing going on and on top of that I’m on my period.”

Reality check comes as my eldest son looks at me and replies, “Mommy, your on your period. Period.”

Kinda wish I knew what their daddy said to them, whatever it was, they got it.




Hannah Bader

Homeschooling, mompreneur enjoying the pursuit of health, wealth, and wisdom! Loving my man for 20+ years and mama to three boys who love to go fast.

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2 Responses

  1. Brenna says:

    I sure love the way that you communicate and get through to you little men! They are so blessed to have a Mama like you 🙂

  2. Dina says:

    i finally had to tell my guy about periods. He was curious about why my tummy hurt. I explained exactly what I was dealing with. Once I got through it, I think he understood why I get so grumpy and my tummy hurts. Lol. Your family communicates so beautifully. Thanks for sharing these stories and experiences!

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