Would you want to marry a girl like that??


My three sons, ages 10, 8 and 6, are growing at warp speed. I imagine all that lays ahead for them. All the choices. For fun the other day I began to imagine what each of them would do and be when they are grown men. Entrepreneurs like us? Hopefully. College grads? Perhaps, but only if they really want to –  no pressure from us.

The thing I want most in the world for these wee men-in-training is that they are fabulous, wonderful, passionate husbands and engaged, committed, inspiring fathers. Everything else will fall into place.

I share with the boys how awesome it is to be married to a man like their daddy. I point out elderly couples holding hands. When we read together, which we do A LOT, I take time to point out good

P4200037and bad traits in the female characters. I encourage them to be discerning by evaluating the character’s actions and words. I’ll ask them, “Would you want to be married to a woman like that?” or “Do you think that little girl will grow up to be a thoughtful wife?”

I want them to view marriage in a way that I never did when I was a child – as a HUGE blessing.

It’s not too soon to be praying for my future daughter-in laws. I pray for the homes that they live in, for their parents to have the wisdom to train them well. I pray for God to direct their path and to help them make decisions that protect their hearts and for His hand of protection around them always.

P5100206Parents, please join me in prayer for our children. Let’s pray for our children to come together in blessed marriages that bring a lifetime of joy to their lives.

Hannah Bader

Homeschooling, mompreneur enjoying the pursuit of health, wealth, and wisdom! Loving my man for 20+ years and mama to three boys who love to go fast.

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  1. Anita ( Nani ) Kyota says:

    Love your blog! I love that you pray for your future daughter’s in law. I’m very blessed that all 3 of my son’s chose wonderful women & you reminded me that I should pray for them even more. I will also do as you for my 2 daughters & youngest son. Thank you for sharing such wisdom!!!

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